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The End Is Nigh...


It's not the end or anything like it, but having not updated in ages and struggled to work out what the hell I want to do with this website for a while, I figured an update of some sort was in order.

This isn't one of those "on hiatus" deathknells, or even an admission that I've run out of steam. I still have the next page of this series saved as a PSD file, which will be finished in due course. However, it's become clear to me that I'm not particularly interested in writing this comic where it focuses on Alex & co. So I'm going to change the whole thing, though I haven't decided on the finer details yet.

Long story short, Fyshbowl Comics will be back in a more organised fashion in January 2010.

Oh, and as I recently posted here, I'm going to be putting together a print comic for next year's Thing. Meep.

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About: Fyshbowl Comics is a twice-weekly webcomic by Kyle Rogers, mainly detailing the misadventures of six idiots in Cork, Ireland. Allegedly, they attend college. Usually they don't, what with having to deal with dinosaur-robot hybrids, stoner ninjas, psychotic flatmates, and the odd eldritch god. Just the usual, like. When not focusing on the menagerie of muppetry, such topics as superhero bumsex and crotch-related jokes tend to be the order of the day. You have been warned.

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